China “Made in England” provides, in our on-line shop, quality discontinued English china dinnerware. We carry discontinued patterns produced by the major English manufacturers of the 20th century. 

We at China “Made in England” are all about helping you find what you need whether you want to:

  • dress up your table with beautiful china, 
  • you need to add to your dinnerware set, you wish to replace broken items, or 
  • you are looking for that special gift to give to someone you want to please.

While most of our dinnerware was decorated with transfer patterns applied to the surfaces, others were completely hand painted such as: 

Some of these patterns such as Aynsley’s Orchard Gold are signed works of art. The same can be said by the still life collectible items painted by Peter Gosling’s for Coalport that are signed works of art.

Others had profuse hand-painted enamel ornamentation over transfer patterns. Some examples of these are 

In any case, these hand-painted items will never be produced in this way again. It is our pleasure at China “Made in England” to make these beautiful items avaiable so that they can be appreciated. We organized our dinnerware patterns alphabetically on the right of the page to facilitate your search. The quantity of patterns produced by certain manufacturers such as Aynsley, Minton, Paragon, Royal Albert, Royal Doulton and Wedgwood is very large. Consequently we have grouped these patterns  alphabetically and/or numerically. We have also provided a search tool to the right where it is possible to search for particular patterns or for certain features such as specific flowers, colours, types of china, shapes, etc.

China “Made in England” strives to provide you with quality items, securely shipped to your home, at the best prices so that you can put together the most beautiful of tables.

We look forward to serving you!



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