Royal Albert

This company began in a “pottery” called the Albert Works in Stoke-on-Trent purchased by Thomas Wild in 1895. It only took on the name of Royal Albert in 1904 after having received a royal warrant as provider to the royal household. The company developed a reputation of producing affordable tea and dinner china with a quality of lightness and transluscency.

From the start, Royal Albert produced patterns that were inspired by the English country garden and more specifically by roses. An example of this is “Old Country Rose”, designed in 1962 by Harold Holdcroft. It is one of the china pattern that has been most widely sold in the world. They produced a multitude of other rose-inspired patterns such as American Beauty, Old English Rose, Lavender Rose, Centennial Rose,

In 1946, the company greatly expanded the St-Mary Works to make it its base of operations until 1998. The company purchased Paragon China in 1960 and continued using the Paragon name into the 1980’s. Royal Doulton purchased the company in 1972 but has until now continued producing using the Royal Albert name. However in 2002, Royal Doulton stopped all production of Royal Albert bone china in England and relocated the production to Indonesia. The company is now part of Waterford Wedgwood.

We only carry on our pages bone china that was manufactured before 2002. Therefore all the item we offer display the “Made in Enland” stamp on the underside.

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