Different sized plates with different names!

We receive many questions about what signify the names “salad plates”, “bread and butter plates”, “dessert plates”, etc. mean and how these relate to the items in their sets. In order to aid you in your purchases we provide here a list of  the different sized plates with. their different names:

  • 6-6 ½” across are bread and butter plates
  • 7-7 ½” across are dessert plates
  • 8-8 ½” across are salad plates
  • 9-9 ½” across are luncheon plates
  • 10-10-½” across are dinner plates.

Please keep in mind that nothing prevents using the bread and butter plates for dessert or salad and vice-versa. The use of these names for each size of plate is only for ease of communication and does not restrict their function to only those suggested by their names.

Shelley Golden Harvest with different sized plates.

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