James Wileman and Joseph Shelley founded Wileman & Company in 1870. Howerer, the company sold the china under the name of Foley.

Joseph Shelley and his son Percy worked constantly to improve china quality and to develop new shapes and designs. For example, they created the popular Dainty and Oleader shapes.

After a legal battle with Foley China about the use of the name of Foley in its hallmark, the company changed its name to Shelley in 1925.

Because of its strong export-focused production, Shelley was allowed to continue making china through the World War II. However, the cost of production and loss of market share made the situation for the company so difficult that it accepted a takeover by Allied Potteries (Royal Albert) in 1966.

The exquisite shapes and quality designs of their dinnerware means that Shelley China has remained very collectable.

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