Doing our part for the environment

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We at China “Made-In-England” strive to reduce as much as possible the negative impact of its activities on the environment.


China “Made-In-England” has reviewed all its procedures to reduce the consumption of resources. The result of this is that:

  • we communicate with our clients electronically for alsost everything, therefore eliminating the printing of invoices or other materials.
  • we are careful to pack carefully and ship items that meet our clients’ expectations in order to avoid returns and unncessary shipping.


Purchasing china that was produced mostly in the early and mid 20th century is already an ecologically responsible action because it involves no pollution nor CO2 emissions in the present and prolongs the use of beautiful items that were hand-crafted decades earlier.

A big part of e-commerce’s negative impact on the environment is packing and shipping.  At China “Made-In-England” we are proud to affirm that we pack almost all the shipped items safely in recycled materials, eliminating the need to purchase of new packing materials. You can expect to notice that the shipping materials will show signs of previous use…a testament to how we are prolonging their usefulness to us and reducing the amount of waste.


China “Made-In-England” recycles just about everything that it cannot use directly, thereby almost eliminating the amount of garbage generated by its activities.