We offer chintz produced by several manufacturers, some listed elsewhere on this site such as Foley Green Chintz. Similarly we have included here the Royal Winton chintz items also listed on the Royal Winton patterns page.

Chintz refers to an over-all pattern usually of flowers and/or scroll-work on the full item or on the rims. These were produced by many manufacturers of bone china or semi-porcelain from the 1940,s to 1960’s. The technique involved pressing transfers onto the kiln-dried stoneware, applying a glaze and refiring the items.

When you click on a pattern tab below you will arrive at the pattern page. There we:

  • describe the pattern
  • list the items available, and
  • usually include information about the condition of the items.

We will strive to provide whatever other information you need if you contact us with your questions.

We have verified that all the items listed are vintage and original “Made in England” items, not reproductions.

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