Aynsley 111 to Y522

We have included in this page contains all the Aynsley numbered patterns, 111 to Y522. These patterns have a hand-painted number on the underside along with the green stamped Aynsley hallmark.

When possible, we have included for these numbered patterns their commonly known names. For example, Aynsley numbered patterns 1173 and B971 are also known by named pattern, in these cases Indian Tree and Tudor Maroon respectively. One pattern, 13698, even has two known pattern names Hathaway Rose and Rosedale.

Many patterns have both the pattern number and the pattern name such as 7490 Dorchester, 8170 Kent, and 8163 Sherwood.

Irrespective of all these variations, the Aynsley patterns from 111 to Y522 are of high quality.

When you click on a pattern tab below you will arrive at the pattern page. There we:

  • describe the pattern
  • list the items available, and
  • usually include information about the condition of the items.

We will strive to provide whatever other information you need if you contact us with your questions.

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