Paragon D to K

On this page we have grouped the Paragon patterns D to K, starting with Debutante and finishing with Iona.

In the 1960’s Royal Albert purchased Paragon and they continued to produce some its more popular patterns until 1992. Royal Albert even continued producing Paragon patterns under its own name for a few more years. For this reason, we have added links between Paragon and Royal Albert pattern pages that refer to the same pattern in the same shape.

Despite their demise, Paragon has maintained its reputation for having produced finely crafted elegant china. Their bone china dinnerware continues to grace dining tables in homes around the world.

We list the Paragon patterns D to K in alphabetical order. Please click on a pattern tab below to get to your pattern page. There we:

  • describe the pattern
  • list the items available, and
  • usually include information about the condition of the items.

We will strive to provide whatever other information you need if you contact us with your questions.

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